9 October 2009

Battening Down the Hatches

Domestic harmony continues apace here, as I find that agreement on the role of the elder citizen is to "contribute as best we can", "do our bit" and, if possible, keep smiling.

This is in response to Davimack's request for insight into local colour as it affects the perception of the EU in our house.

I'm a gardener, not a soothsayer. I can predict that our apple and pear trees will bear fruit again next year, but that's about it. The wider social context, which I was trained to scrutinize at close quarters many years ago, is a mystery to me. One year of sociology and a degree in French and English was scant preparation for living in the 21st century. I even can be found wondering what on earth possessed my primary school teachers when they decided to teach me to knit. I knitted for years. I hate knitting...

Students and workers are taking to the streets in ever increasing numbers in an effort to be heard. Having walked from Maynooth to the Dail as a student, to protest, I can understand where they are coming from, but I hope their views are respected. Every generation seems to cook up some new, puzzling situation for the next generation to sort out.

Let's at it...

8 October 2009

More About Meme

More About Meme

My husband and I are in absolute agreement on one fact. Neither of us have any recall about the sites we have signed up to over the years. They are gentle, bland names that slip, unnoticed through our aging synapses, leaving no mark.

It was with pleasure, then, that I found I had somehow bonded with

I have to admit that I joined Twitter with the enthusiasm of a novice swimmer jumping off the Forty Foot in early January.

Oh No! Not another system to learn!

It has turned out to be less painless than anticipated, and I have even Retweeted, though in such a state of confusion that I claimed to be "Tetweeting".

The English language is never going to be the same...

Dublinoise Connection explores a similar theme...

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7 October 2009


the task of making photos that link my perception with the people who have gone before me is becoming a bit clearer.

When you live in a city that was founded over 800 years ago you find yourself thinking about people...

a lot...

It seems that Dublin is now one of the most favoured destinations on the Planet for tourists who want to have fun. I have not photographed numerous people on the streets over the past few years because I tend to be a bit shy still in public places, especially when it comes to waving a camera at the populace.

However, street photography is now so popular that I have decided to persist.

Perhaps this is the moment that all the statues that I shot in the past few years are about to become icons of the past?

Real people are everything.

6 October 2009

Finding Me, Finding You

I don't do news...

Frankly, the eternal eye that monitors all human activity and brings sad stories to our living rooms daily is always to be regarded with a degree of scepticism, I think.

Aware of the natural disasters that affect people living in lands prone to earthquake invites a quick exit from the room, and a reminder to myself to send donations.

In Ireland, we are remarkably free of earthquakes, yet the dramatic spirit of the people here turns every little event into a "Cause célèbre". The aftermath of the Lisbon
Referendum is being clucked over as I write.

Do I tune in?

You must be joking...