6 June 2009

What a Difference a Year Makes...

A year ago Techfocus the Lounge was a hotbed of discussion and chat.
Now everybody seems to have gone "elsewhere".
The general disaffection with politics and commerce is evident in the lack of enthusism for any debate on yesterday's elections. We went to the polls, had coffee afterwards and sank back into everyday life without another thought.

A year of official disaster-speak on the media has had an effect.
Not only is everybody trying to grow their own potatoes and lettuce,
under glass and "in the field", we don't seem to have any energy left for analysing society and the many changes seen in the past year.

I've even let my hair grow... why spend extra, hard-earned cash on one's crowning glory when there are seeds for the garden and a new prime lens to buy.

Recessions really are quite hilarious...