16 April 2010


I have to admit that news that the last time an Islandic volcano erupted the event lasted for two years made me laugh out loud. This is probably based on the projection that visits to family abroad could possibly entail crossing continents by road, sea or rail. The news also seems to have played havoc with grammar here, so in the Title Bar is an engaging article on disambiguation for anybody who may be grounded, bored and given to writing long sentences that need to be teased out. And since the wild complexities of contemporary society continue to keep me entertained, here is a simple image taken from outside the Water Wall in Melbourne. Have a great weekend... The Water Wall, NGV, Gormley Sculpture

14 April 2010

Never Say Die

Having set off to study literature at a time, in the 1970's, when everybody who thought themselves important was announcing THE DEATH OF THE NOVEL, I have taken little notice of the fact that EVERYBODY WHO THINKS THEMSELVES IMPORTANT on the net today thinks the "The Blog" is dead. Since I still have not mastered paragraphs here and have not progressed far with Wordpress and all its pomps, this seems a very silly idea indeed. Le Blog est Mort? Vive le Blog...

13 April 2010

How Counting One's Blessings Can Keep One's Mind Off

all the noise that society makes. Having watched the Conservative Party discuss their Manifesto on TV today, I think the moment may have come for us all to simply take charge of our own lives and enjoy what we have around us... The strange way that politicians keep repeating that they have power to bestow on the people is certainly worth thinking about. Most people simply have power within their own sphere and immediate circumstances and do not think in sociological abstractions. Having survived the recession so far, many are dusting themselves off and looking at creative ways of moving forward. The persistent desire of the Irish media to drive us all demented also continues unabated. There must be some people who find life satisfactory out there. I cannot be alone? Oh, I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside...