7 April 2009

Have Decided to Take a Few Days Off

Spring has truly taken over here.

See you all next week...


5 April 2009

They Call Me Meme

Anon is under scrutiny again.

Some of the most interesting explorations of Internet activity are now taking place in universities, where bands of students study online identity and role playing for years.

The longer one blogs, the less anonymous one becomes. That, of course, is taking into account that one wishes to be anonymous in the first place. I found the avatars and posturing in chat rooms seriously alarming at first. Calling a spade a spade is what one expects from a gardener.
Expecting that they (a gardener will play along indefinitely, using memes and tropes, is probably one bridge too far...

It is a considerable time since "Anonymous" graced the comment pages here with his or her presence. I wonder where they went...