11 December 2013

Facebook... At Last

After a lot of soul searching and humming and hawing I worked out the security systems on Facebook and am comfortable there at last.

It may be a question of age, but it seems that younger people enjoy the Facebook experience more than I do and get more out of it. It seems to have improved in the last year and there are some good groups where one can share information and photos.
I have joined the Flickr group there and a very useful one on learning Modern Greek. It remains to be seen if I will persist over time. The ability to communicate with friends in real time, rather than wait for answers to emails, thanks to Chat is particularly pleasant. I dislike Skype and find it inefficient, although it's nice to catch up with news in person. It's taken an age to extend comfort zones to include social media, but things are improving.

It looks as if Facebook has replaced chat rooms in my case and I cannot imagine going back to places like They had a major place in teaching how to compute, but now seem a bit old fashioned, replaced by Twitter in particular.

It will be interesting to see where I'll be at a year from now.

In the meantime, here's wishing all visitors here a very Happy Christmas.

Christmas Lights in Dublin, Ireland SOOC