1 March 2008

Irish Blog Awards 2008, Congratulations All Round

Irish Blog Awards, Part 5: Updating Ticker Tape Found Here

I've made some links to some Technorati and Flickr sites
where you can see how the events progress during the day.

May the Best Bloggers Win!!!

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Let the Rumpus Begin

It's a Happening, All Right...

If you see me at the Awards,
Please Say "Hello".

Irish Blog Awards, Part 4: Keep An Eye On Flickr...

if you want to see updated photos for
Irish Blog Awards 2008.

It's a quick system, efficient and colourful,
with plenty of search links to keep you busy.

Irish Blog Awards, Part 3: For the History Buffs

Already historians are scrutinizing this new Blogging phenemenon.
Why do people do it?
Is it unstoppable?
Who are the best Photo Bloggers, who define the imagery of the genre?

The excitement of last year was enjoyable, as open voting allowed us all
a little flutter at the hustings.

This year the protocol has come of age.
Judges, upstanding and serious Blog Elders,
gather as I write to ponder their decisions and why they
were the way they were.

Philosophical days...

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29 February 2008

Irish Blog Award Preparation Has Reached Fever Pitch

I'm a great fan of Bock the Robber's extravagant
literary style. Heaven knows why, as his outbursts often scare
the bejaysis out of me.

Today, courage firmly in hands, I posted to his blog.
The result was suitably surrealistic.
Trigger happy, as usual, I managed to link my name to
a very entertaining piece about how to control your waiter
when eating out. I had meant to place a neat link to
ModernTwist2 there, but it was not to be.

Several attempts to rectify the situation left me with
messages that did not make sense, or that made me look
like a poisonous

Success, however had been partly achieved.
The comment worked, even if it was not the full comment I would have desired.

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Irish Blog Awards, part 2: Memories Are Made of This


If you feel like a wander down memory lane,
the Link Bar above leads to photos taken
at the Irish Blog Awards in March, 2006.

There are some good ideas for taking top class
portraits and it is worth studying a bit, so that
we can recognise one another this year.

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Irish Blog Awards + Never Apologise, Never Explain...

Everybody is up to high doh.
I went to the hairdressers yesterday and
when the friendly lady who was gradually
causing my face to emerge from amidst a
wild tangle of hirsute activity heard
that I was going to an Award Ceremony
she applied even more attention than was
necessary to the job in hand.

The result? Compliments in the clothes store
where I found a remarkable number of bargains,
classy enough to let me out into public places
with a bit of glitz and glamour.

Right, so... I'm ready for off...

Damien is getting into his stride and has begged
for "a little space" on the Big Night.

All I have to do is find a neat, matching clutch purse
to go with my neat little scarf.

The organizers are facing the
Labours of Hercules.

Welll done to all who have put in such a lot of work.

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28 February 2008

In Keeping With the Licence Stipulations

set out by Digital Rights Ireland,
here is a link to Creative Commons Licence
that allows for their work to be shared.

I Know That I Should Be Alarmed, Even VERY Alarmed...

... but I have to admit that I burst out laughing when I read the
new proposals for monitoring Internet use in the Republic of Ireland.

If society's leaders think that following the efforts of little housewives
to upload photos of trips to the seaside and flower arrangements taken under
tungsten light may advance the wellbeing of society, they are welcome to
get on with storing every effort (often failed) that my friends and I make
to use the Internet on a
daily basis without having a "crise de nerfs".

Yet again, I am reminded of the remark made by an old lady when
presented with the alarming spectacle of a rugby match:

"Whatever are they looking for?"

I'm Not the Only One to be Blocked

Perhaps I've found the reason that posting friendly comments
on a colleague's blog may soon be impossible.
The spam blockers are now so powerful that very little
gets through.

An insensate Internet program cannot see the worried
frowns of kindly blogger who are trying to "reach out".
When the puzzled blogger persists and tries to post again,
frantic recognition of SPAM enervates the system.
It closes off all possiblity that communication
may take place.

Sad, doltish programs have taken over?

A Plague on Wordpress and...

All Its Works...

The Irish Blog Awards website is like a fine empty wall,
waiting for bloggers to comment and interact.

A quick comment posted there yesterday appeared pronto,
and in the word order it was typed here.


Quite another story.

I tried... and tried. Nothing could penetrate the wall of silence that
now surrounds that site.

Should I assume that Wordpress is the problem?
Those of us who use Blogger never have difficulties
sharing the odd "bon mot" with fellow surfers.

Rather than wonder at length about this,
I'm off to do some housework.

Half way through the afternoon and
not a floor in the house washed...

That's what comes from spending half the day at
the hairdressers
and the other half peering at impenetrable websites.

Sepia Orchid

27 February 2008

I'm So Excited I Can Hardly Wait...

The Irish Blog Awards will be held this coming Saturday in
Dublin City Centre.

Last year I was so overwhelmed by new technologies and
the fearsome honour of having a blog nominated that
I sat in stunned silence for most of the evening.
I did everything that Rick O'Shea told us to do,
including giving rapturous applause, when deserved.

This year will be different...

I can now find my way in and out of my own blog
without falling over the picture frames.
I don't get palpitations when the whole system collapses.
I shall take numerous photos with a cherished digital camara,
(which is not to criticise the old Pentax film one).

Can't wait to meet all the new people whose blogs
I have been reading all year long.

26 February 2008

I can't seem to be able

... to even spell my own name today.

The gales continue over Dublin.

I like a gentle breeze.
This sounds like a wild west wind.
I expect Shelley to come howling out
of the clouds, singing praises.

His enthusiasm was a bit over-rated,
considering the Atlantic influence on our
little island.


Any excuse to give an update on the
Irish Blog Awards.

The seats have been sold out.


Fair dinkum!