22 February 2008

As Gaeilge

There's a really interesting Irish Language blog,
linked in the Title Bar here.

Anyone who wishes to learn more about Social Networking
in Irish will find a lot of new ideas.

21 February 2008

You Must be Joking

All the palaver about a Picture being worth a Thousand Words
has set me thinking.

I disagree. Words are words; pictures are pictures.

I have just posted a photo that will probably be my
Saint Patrick's Day greeting this year.
I cannot think of any words to confuse what is a simple
green graphic effect. The thought that it may be worth
even ten words does not even occur in my synaptic system.

I suppose a long discussion on the Bokeh effect in the
background could pass a merry moment or churn out a few more
sentences. But would it lead to any valuable discussion?
The Bokeh "IS". There you have it.

Worth and value judgements are blasted at blog readers wherever
we go.

I came across a great debate on "the male gaze", which seems
to have somehow linked to the "nasty people making nasty remarks
in a gender biased sort of way" piece.

This is daft. How can you have "the male gaze" on the Internet,
any more than "the female gaze".

Some people stare; others don't.
Parisiens, from the experience of anybody who visits the
City of Light
actually goggle much of the time.
It's a cultural matter, I suppose.

Now, I'm off to make,yet another, cup of tea.

This time, Green with Orange Zeste.

Nothing Nasty in the Woodshed Today,

Thank Heavens.

Finally getting back to answer the question:

Have you seen the "Cold Comfort" film?

Yes! And it was one of the most humourous ever made by a wacky
cast and a really fine cinematographic crew.
It gets wheeled out ever so often for Christmas viewing,
but should be better known.

Since I have taken to holidaying in England,
any culural tips are welcome, though I am
delighted to report that I have not experienced
any family life that is like that of the Dooms.

It has just struck me... could this also be a parody
on "Lorna Doone".

Another strange bunch there.

A Green Moment

Large Green Bokeh for Paddy's Day (Small)

That Would Be an Ecumenical Matter

20 February 2008

Blogcatalog Links

Blogcatalog is gathering momentum as a wide reaching Bloggers community.
It's worth joining if you enjoy sharing photo, cookery or technology tips.

18 February 2008


You Don't Have to Like It, You Just Have to Report It...

The radio is hotting up with the possibility that Microsoft may buy Yahoo.
Other buyers are appearing on the horizon and it got me thinking.
Will my Yahoo experience change yet again, with new owners?

Comfort zones on the Web are as important as they are in Real Life.
Bloggers do not particularly enjoy being shunted round from
pillar to post.

We'll see what happens next. Bated breath isn't in it...