11 January 2007


Blogging is cool; chatting in The Lounge is even cooler.

Having been moved from my usual watering hole last Summer, I found this lively chat room which, not surprisingly, had most of the posters I knew already settled in at the bar.

Film and/or Digital

Yesterday I bought a new film to try out some indoor photography during this windy weather. The debate raging on the net... film or digital, or both... continues to preoccupy.

While it makes work look a bit old fashioned, I still prefer film.

This photo was taken with a Fuji digital camera. Any critiques would be welcome.

10 January 2007

Spiders Galore

Everything got sorted out, thanks to Dave A in Kiwirant. Ubergeekery rules, OK.

8 January 2007


Starting the week with Spider Failure. The Search Engine at the bottom of this page is run from New Zealand and the friendly Webmaster indexes about 100 engines every week. Mine has gone underground for the time being, but I've posted a query at:

If anybody understands search engines, spiders and code, they might take a moment to make a contribution there, please.