23 August 2007

The Mystery that is Facebook

I love Facebook.

I know.

It's a bit like claiming that I
love Big Brother.

However, it is worth trying out,
even if you think you won't use it.

The photo upload feature now saves me hours
on the Net. Instead of sending photos
individually by e-mail, everything can be
uploaded to a titled Facebook album and secured
so that only friend may view.

Today I was given an alarming piece of
by my new cyber facilitator.

You may not send a message without a body,
I was told.


22 August 2007

The Wicklow Coastline, South of Dublin

The signage along the area known as Six Mile Point
was very pleasant to photograph.

We walked there on the Bank Holiday Monday in
Early August
and I'm still spending quite a bit of time
looking at how to enhance the photos we took.

Sometimes it's easy to get a
carried away.

What Makes a Blog Buzz

Thinking about what one's readers enjoy reading
is the most important aspect of a blog.

This conversation on The Lounge may be
of help
to novice bloggers.

We are all finding our feet
in this new medium.

It's very useful to know that blogs
on the subject of
are so popular.

20 August 2007


I've just added a new feature blog to the
list. Friends cannot seem to keep off the
subject of carbon footprinting and finally
I've decided to look at what is being written
and said around the World.

Without carbon there is no life.

Trying not to get in a wax thinking about this.