3 May 2007

Colour Photo Taken around Midday in Mid April

The advice to get out at dawn
is often impossible
when it comes
to garden photography
especially while
travelling abroad.

Working on a photo taken with a Pentax MZ 50 SLR,
using a 200 ISO film,
gives scope for digital enhancement.

Digital Enhancement

A request to look at different techniques
for photo manipulation was posted recently
on the Net by Stall the Ball.

In response, I tooke a colour photo
taken in sunlight in Springtime and
have posted it above.

The live link in this post
leads to a black and white
image which brings the flowers to life.

The original colour photograph was
worked on to show up texture and detail.
In ways it seems more real than the
colour photo.

Cropping gave the end result a
less gloomy effect.

2 May 2007

Happy Birthday

1 May 2007

With Respect

Bourée, Suite No 3 by Bach,
played by Rostropovich.

May Day

For Workers round the World.

Happy May Day.

30 April 2007

Frappr Photo Uploading

Frappr is very user friendly, but has hidden depths.

The photo upload feature is exceptionally easy on the eye,
especially when viewing individual photos.

It's possible to change templates esily which is the
secret of any good blogging site.

Blogger continues to be a favourite, of course.

29 April 2007

A Moody Moment