22 March 2008


Easter Egg Colours

Photos of Easter Eggs
are making a colourful contribution
to the Web.
Helebores in White and Green

21 March 2008


Happy Easter from Dublin

Here's wishing everybody who visits here
Very Happy Easter!

20 March 2008

Plastic World

My daily life is filled with plastic objects.

I'm taking a break from widening my photographic experience
for the next few weeks, but ever so often an idea comes
for a neat shot.
Yesterday the sun shone brighly on the greenhouse.
Seen though a window and using the handle of the sink
plunger, which is transparent, I set to work to make a series
Plastic Bokehs
to send to friends for Easter.

This is one of the livelist. (Please hit Title Bar above)

18 March 2008


17 March 2008

Irish Colours in the World of Nature

16 March 2008

Posts that contain St. Patrick's Day per day for the last 30 days.
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Taking Yet Another Well Deserved Rest from Comment Analysis

I've started tightening up my Comment System again.
Many thanks to Davimack who keeps in contact on various blogs
and who continues to be a mine of photographic information.
I'm planning a major offensive on the subject of "Bokeh" where
I will share the tips learned over the past few weeks on capturing
light bubbles with my new lens.

In the meantime, tomorrow is Saint Patrick's Day and that leaves
very little time or space for the frivolity of Blogging.

Not that Blogging in itself is frivolous (or Weird, as some hacks seem to think).
It's just that it comes down a list of priorities when the grate has to be cleaned and
the price of prime cuts of new lamb discussed.

Comments, as usual, are welcome here. I have not got to the point
of using forceful systems like Askimet and don't look likely to do so
in the forseeable future. As far as I can deduce from reading other
blogs, many worthwhile ideas are sent off to Spam Land and the Blog Master
has to wear themselves out trying to find them in the underbelly of the system.

Rather than spend our lives rummaging,
lets enjoy "La Saint Patrick" as the French so gracefully call it.

The Luck Of The Irish to all of you!

Pi in the Sky

I don't know how I missed it, but Friday 14 March was Pi Day.

In their wisdom, our educators of yore made sure that teenagers
would fall prey to none of the pitfalls associated with our age.
They taught us geometry.
We spent years wandering in circles, pondering triangles and
wondering when the day might come when we would be released
from our servitude to Euclid and all his works.

That time finally came... and what do we do?

Learn CAD, that's what...