27 June 2009


The literary salon, as was fashionable in the 18th century, has come to the net.

Utata has some very fine essayists. Hit the bar... enjoy...

Bleeding Hearts, Dicentra

25 June 2009

Tout l'univers fait Boom

I am, and happily at that, a Baby Boomer.

My generation continues to blog, despite the fact that it is now, seemingly, passé.

I have to admit I tried Twittering... and failed...
The number of people who now greet the dawn, mobile 'phone in hand, and insist on sharing a "Good Morning" with the Planet, is on the increase. What inspires them fascinates me, but I have no desire to join in.

Blogging, on the other, continues to be a useful link with the outside world. My faithful commentators, Davimack and Granny J, keep me in the swing of things and encourage further efforts.

I hope that I do the same for them...