17 November 2007

For the Scientifically Minded

If you get a buzz out of science and new technologies,
here's a chance to win a Wii by sharing your favourite
invention of 2007.

Link to Damien Mulley's blog for details.

14 November 2007


Thanks to Walls in The Lounge I can enjoy virtual sunshine.

12 November 2007

All The Fun of the Fair

PA systems are essential for public meetings,
if everybody is to be able to hear what is going

Tannoy is a British company, noted for loudspeaker technology.

I don't know if the system I heard yesterday was actually designed
and made by Tannoy, but it certainly was LOUD and CLEAR.

If we had been at the furthest end of a football field, it would have
been useful.

We were not.

I've Just Added a New String to my Bow

Music links are important.
Rather than clutter the other pages with them,
I've made a new section.

Hit the Title Bar.
In time, more music will flow.


I cannot imagine why anybody would encourage people to post
comments on their blog and then set about editing them.
The Blogger system does not allow for such subtle and time wasting
activity. All or nothing seems to be the policy here.

After years working as a journalist I had one simple
reaction to editorial policy:

If you don't like it,
write it yourself.

On the Beach

Walking on a beach in Summer is always an
interesting experience.

The patterns formed by seaweeds and pebbles
are a source of constant entertainment.

11 November 2007

Peace At Last

After the "sturm und drang" today,
it's lovely to sit still.

Thanks, Davimack, for all you encouraging comments.
To comment in the comment box would be to invite
more debate.

Cannot, I'm delighted to report, think
that it is worth gilding the verbal lily.

Here's to a new week...

Shaken But Still Standing

I'll certainly try to forget Armistice Day 2007 as quickly as possible.

It's not often you go to an afternoon concert and return so stressed that
debriefing and several efforts at "counting one's blessings" are called for.

Hoping for a break from the mundane we went to a wonderful concert of
Polish music today.

Grace under fire was experienced by performer and audience alike, as during
a particularly quiet movement in Paderewski's fine concerto, a tannoy announcement
was delivered in a tone that could waken the dead and in two official languages.

A large dinner, plenty of water (rehydration is essential in such cases) and
a severe self-admonishment to not take the arts so seriously have also helped.
The fact that the charity involved is for children who are having difficulties
was probably the most important consideration, as well as thinking of those who
live in war torn lands.

At least now I know what I would like as a Christmas gift.

Peace and Quiet.

I expect that the children and those under real fire
are hoping for the same.

(I've just been corrected. The trauma is much
worse than I had first thought.
It was a sonata, not a concerto, that was
being played.)

Faire Gaffe

Last night I took time away from more pressing activities to post a comment on a blog that seemed to deserve attention and regard.
This morning my comment was gone.

Had it given offense?
Perhaps the machine was broken?
Did the post not fit in with the political agenda of the blog owner?
The owner hit the wrong button by mistake and deleted it?

I suddenly realise that this is not a particularly interesting subject.

One way of finding out if you can get on with another person
is to post to their comment box.
If your presence is tolerated,
that, in itself, is a start.