24 April 2009

On the Rocks in Tasmania

On the Rocks in Tasmania

Photo Shoot on the Rocks in Tasmania

20 April 2009

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The...

Compost Heap...

I got waylaid last week to come listen to Maman Poulet give an interview on
National Radio. A more alert blogger would give an instant link to the live
interview, but, as my younger friends so cheerfully put it, I could not bother
my beam end to go look for it. Maman Poulet blogs a lot about blogging and
her posts always interest me, especially this on the wild side of Irish Blogging.

It has always been a mystery to me why so many people manage to rise in the morning
and find the energy to bleat about the horrors of society, politics and the fall of the fiscal structure. Last week Maman Poulet batted energetically for the value that blogging, in all its forms, can bring to everyday life. I felt she had to work a bit too hard, given the fact that journalists, aware that more people read blogs than they do newspapers, are now quite confrontational on the subject.

As the lack of debate on this blog proves, controversy is not necessary to become a blogger. I found that the tone of the interview took on a certain edge which was enough to send me back to making compost rather than risk adrenalin rushes by listening to what seemed an unnecessary split between official media and unofficial blogging. The question of authority always gets people going. I went away considering the possibility that, like "women", there may be no such category as "bloggers".

And if it should happen they do exist, I began to wonder what it is they could want.