8 June 2007

At Your Service, Let's Accentuate the Positive

Many thanks to ! and Damien who took time
to reply to my last post.

Who could refuse an invitation
to chill at the Voodoo Bungalow?

7 June 2007

Web paranoia is something I hope to avoid.

From time to time the temptation to leave a
cheery comment on a fellow bloggers space overwhelms me.
I tried about ten days ago and after three attempts
the wall of virtual steel surrounding one site was pierced.
The other two bloggers were impenetrable.

Just now, an attempt to comment on Damien Mulley's
very well written blog ended in failure, so I may as
well post the comment here.

This is just to link to an interesting piece about
Digital Rights in Ireland.

I'm beginning to feel that it would actually
be a sign of approval if somebody tried to
nick my graphic work...

(To be taken light-heartedly, BTW.
Web security is the big debating point
of the day.)

In The Pink

All The Pretty Flowers

No, this is not a sad attack
of "primary narcissism".

The link to Anouilh's matches in Stumbleupon
leads to a vast map of botanical sites.

It is necessary to join Stumbleupon
to read that page.
There are now over 2 Million
members there.

Please to enjoy...

The Word You Have Entered....

does not exist....

is not in the dictionary...

cannot be found...

Learned more about


today, as a result of being led up the wrong garden path
by a search.

Also discovered a great search engine,

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6 June 2007

The Body Electric

Having got over the fear that my computer
may be an electric menace I now enjoy
the sensation of linking across
the Globe.

Not only is it a
Small World,
visitors to this page are
Five Continents.

5 June 2007

Chinoiseries 4... Chut!

If you've run out of things to say
or cannot find "le mot juste"
Nu Shu, the secret women's language
of China may be just the ticket.

4 June 2007

Cheerful Yellows

Yellow filters bring harmony.

The Sound of the City

A Change is as Good as a Rest

It's a cold, wet, overcast Bank Holiday Monday
on the Irish Sea. Having breakfasted on almond and
golden sultana griddle cakes and a pot of black coffee,
Frappr turned out to be worth investigating further.
I chose a less detailed map template, just for
a change.

It has turned out to be a great asset for knowing
where visitors live and for learning more about
the geography of the Planet.

Thanks to those who have posted a pin on the maps.

3 June 2007

Douce France

For fans of the Kitchen Garden,
this programme on France Culture (in French)
will be a source of inspiration.

Every aspect of the traditional "Jardin Potager"
is examined with enthusiasm and "joie de vivre".

The programme is focused on the Ch√Ęteau at Valmer
in Touraine.