19 January 2008

Efficient Photo Upload

I'm on an efficiency drive.
This year every effort to cut down on energy use
when Internetting will be made.

The Flickr system has turned out to be the best choice
for photo uploading in my case. Some posters there
even add technical details of the light sources used
to enhance subjects.
The group system brings a
sense of camaraderie.

Stumbleupon, a favourite during 2007, has become
a bit unwieldy and I visit less often.
However it is a valuable source of inter-cultural
links and computer knowledge.
It is also visually pleasing, one of the most
important aspects of a good web site.


I read that not everybody likes Facebook.
Personal attacks on developers who have made this
social utility increasingly colourful and user-friendly
are increasing in the mainstream media.
There is even a strange, mesmeric debate on
the Facebook versus Myspace debacle.
It's worth mentioning that many savvy surfers
use both.

Frankly, if I listened to to the strange stories on
my local radio stations,
I would never plug my computer in, never mind go online.
The paranoia is quite entertaining, during an idle moment,
but mostly it's a buzzing distracting noise in the distance.

We are at a watershed in communications systems.
Which media will survive?

We'll see...

18 January 2008

Irish Blog Awards 2008

Irish Blog Awards are now up and running.
Hit the title bar and have fun.