6 October 2006


Last night we turned up at our local cinema, hoping to see the latest Al Gore film. We were suddenly faced with an extremely inconvenient truth.

"The film is broken", we were told.

5 October 2006

4 October 2006

Late Spring is one of the best times to visit
Victoria, Australia.

Sense of Humour

Ever so often I enjoy doing a "Test your Sense of Humour" trial on the web.

At the moment, the Italian sense of humour has got my attention. There's a wonderful blog title:

Io vivo sul pendule e oscillo

Since Latin was one of my majors, Italian is now on the "must learn a new language" list.


3 October 2006

Claim Blog


Some bloggers see their work as a form of journalism. Others consider it to be part of the storytelling tradition.

What do you think?

2 October 2006

Walnuts and Apricots...

A marriage made in Heaven.

Baking is one of my greatest pleasures. Today, bringing a bit of sweetness into the bread for Afternoon Tea, I added chopped walnuts and dried apricots cut in half. It's tasty to have larger pieces of fruit, as it makes the bread moist and gives a cheerful visual effect.

Any scone dough can benefit from this treatment.