7 November 2008

Remembering the Fine Soft Summer Rain

Obsession with weather is such a feature of
life in the British Isles.

Is it raining or not?

Should one carry an umbrella?

I have a fine sequence of sodden photos from the past
few years.

May as well enjoy...

After the Rain

An Artistic Moment

5 November 2008

Chewing the Keyboard Will Probably Not Do Any Good...

I'm back in incommunicado mode with the
Wordpress comment system.

Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Here is the comment I've just posted on Damien Mulley's
interesting post in the aftermath of the US Elections:

"A very lyrical and interesting piece.

Thank you for sharing, Damien.

I'm now wondering, a little puzzled,
who "we" are.

Has it turned into a "Them" and "Us" World?"

I upload it here because
Sight nor Light of it
I cannot find on the original post.

It may appear in time?

While there may be many people crying across the World,
I'm just sitting here in perplexed, but contented,
admiring the sunshine pouring out of a relatively blue sky.

What a pleasant day...

Let's heart it...


At the Still Point of the Turning World?

The political wheel comes full circle?

It will be interesting to see what happens next...

4 November 2008

An Unsentimental People?

Suddenly, this evening, the voice of my
English teacher spoke out of the past.

My studies in language led to a robust respect
for the value that speech and writing still holds.
I am not surprised to see the Declan Kiberd had to
question Father Peter Connolly closely on what he
was saying.

The man's precision was legendary.

His ability to wind the unwary up
was less easy to pin down.

There Are Many Trees in Australia

Botanic Gardens, Sydney, Australia

Today's Find

This (hit the Title Bar)
is a lively blog, found just today.

Read... Enjoy...

Even Though We are in the Dreary Month of November..

there is not much point in frightening ourselves with what may
or may not be lurking in the outer fringes of the Blogosphere.

I've found some very useful ideas on privacy and anonymity on
the Internet recently.
The paranoia is still there, to some extent,
but overall confidence is building that
blogging is "a good thing".

Rather than fearing that strange lurkers may be found
in crevices under our virtual blog floorboards,
many bloggers would happily give their eye-teeth
if they could extend their readership and bring
joy and instruction to thousands.

Or so it seems to me...

3 November 2008

Lightening Up

The time change has left me bewildered.
Today was sunny, but a very short day, as darkness
starts to set in around 4h30.

In the Winter of 1970 to 1971 an experiment
was tried. Summer Time was retained for Winter
and I was really pleased. I still remember the
sense of being bright and breezy as the day seemed

Perhaps it will be tried again some time in the future?