23 October 2013

Writing in a Twist: Still, We Work

Still, We Work

National Women's Council of Ireland  Exhibition in Temple Bar, Dublin

"It is not that I object to the work, mind you; I like work, it fascinates me.
I can sit and look at it for hours."

Jerome K. Jerome, I think, would enjoy the exhibition by the National Women's council of Ireland
that will run in Dublin until the end of this week.

Still We Work

It's a community project that requires some time to interpret.
I have been twice and this was necessary as it takes concentration to read and absorb the concepts being explored.

Fortunately, there is a free book available that is a very impressive production.
It should take several days for me to read it, as the text is quite dense and is founded on years of well thought out sociology of the place of women in society.

I was surprised to find that the concept is that women's work still remains unrecognised and is seen as perishable. I think that this is the case for millions of men on the Planet as well, but the fact is that women are in the majority in the Western world when it comes to the caring professions and in volunteering and do not get much notice.

That, however, is what I think most work is like.
It's only noticeable when it is not done.

At the NWCI Exhibition, Gallery of Photography, Temple Bar in Dublin Ireland