9 August 2007

Hawkbit in Flower

The Wild Flowers are exceptional
this year.

The sea coast is alive with yellows
and whites, flowers everywhere.

Filters Again

Somehow this filter
is pleasant.

The Buzz

Beware when gardening in August in the Northern Hemisphere.
Every insect under the sun lurks under leaves and even in the
soil, ready to bite.

A very irate bumble bee has just stung
my thumb. Nasty beast!

6 August 2007

Walk on the Wild Side

On Monday, August 6, 2007
the country had a
Bank Holiday.

This photo was taken on the
East Coast, some mile north
of Wicklow town.

5 August 2007

Mitraria coccinea

Plant from Chile
grow remarkably well
in Ireland.

A Simple Shelf

Our house is full of shelves.
They seem more decorative than
closed cupboards and presses,
which make a room seem smaller,


It seems that just over 48 per cent
of visitors to this blog use the
Opera Browser.

Thought this was worth sharing.

Woodland and Meadow Butterflies

It's many years since I studies butterflies
in detail, so I do not know if this peaceful
butterfly is a Meadow or a Woodland Brown.

This has been an exceptional year for insect
activity in general, so photographers with
magnifying lenses should have a good selection
of photos by the end of the season.

Apologies to Commentators

I have just tried to upload three comments
left on my blog.

Only one, from Davimack, is now visible.

Many thanks for this feedback and
apologies to anyone who posted and
whose comment has disappeared
into Cyberspace.

These mysteries leave a person