17 April 2009

Having Sought, I Have


At least I can now save my blushes.
The sculptor whose work so transfixed my gaze for such a long time in Melbourne
is Antony Gormley. I am now a signed-up member of the Gormley group
on Flickr and, if courage does not fail, I may be tempted to add him to
my Friend's list on Facebook.

The brashness of public life has been much on my mind in the past week.
The break from writing here gave me a taste of the life I led in PD (pre-digital)
days, when chatting in gardens with new acquaintainces and calling in, unannounced,
on old friends was the norm. I have a theory that the recession should mean that
more people will stop working themselves into a frazzle and just spend more time with
one another.

Let's hope I am right...

It's All About Meme

is the latest blogger to have a Meme Attack.
Her cheeful post was much needed after a morning spent, literally,
going up the walls.
A photo taken in the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria)
in Melbourne set me on the path to some research and,
hours later, I still cannot find any reference to the sculptures
that stood guard in the foyer while I sat taking photos for over an hour there.
It just goes to show that every detail must be recorded, including name tags, references,
provenence, cultural attributes. No wonder writers get so tired.

15 April 2009

Rhododendron Season

Rhododendrons are blazing a trail through Irish gardens at the moment.
Closeups of some of the most sizzling pinks are attractive to photographers,
but I worked on an image of a white variety which has a tinge of blush on the
edges and came to regard it as one of the best:

Fine Rhododendron

Several visits to famous gardens have happened in the past week.

I'll gradually get round to uploading some more colourful memories.

Dublin Garden Visits

Dublin is like a garden these days, but for special outings
I almost always choose Fernhill Gardens.

It is not far from my house and the sense of being out in the country
makes me feel I have taken a real trip away from ordinary suburban life.

Many of the flower and garden photos on my blogs have been taken there
and any visitor to Ireland could do worse than make a detour to Sandyford
and enjoy the vast woodlands full of rhododendrons and magnolias.