6 December 2007


At least my search engine exploration has
brought some great sense of humour to the

I moved a photo.

The Search Engine moved after it.

I laugh.

Common Courtesy

I'll look further in the if's and but's
of Creative Commons licenses.

Well, I don't Know About You, But I've Got More Important...

fish to fry...

Seemingly all the big names in the computer
World spend lots of time marking out territories.

Living it up in Europe takes all my energy
so I'm concentrating on getting colour schemes
sorted for Christmas and enjoying the
day as it comes.

Seize the day...

3 December 2007

Resting Again

Thanks for your feedback, Davimack.
There were three posts to be moderated and
having hit the "publish" button, I can only
find two of them.

Time to take a break from Blogging.

I'm off to learn more about how to use
a printer.

Shall return, in time.

2 December 2007

A Plethora of Puzzling Images

A Google Image Search is worth studying in great detail.
I was surprised today to find that a considerable number
of photos are linked to "photographedublin".

Somebody linked a copyright notice to the following photo
and I have moved it here from "Short Sights at Noon".

( I remove this photo, on Friday 7 December 2007.)