30 December 2006


Happy New Year!

It's almost here, so let's enjoy the fun.

26 December 2006

Boxing Day

In Ireland, Boxing Day is called "Saint Stephen's Day". The feasting continues, with simple recipes that give energy and lift spirits.

Keeping categories neat, a cookery section may be found at:


25 December 2006

And May All Your Christmasses be Bright

Have a Merry Day!

24 December 2006

Seasonal Music

Every year a piece of music catches my attention at Christmas. This time I have made a happy mistake when buying for a relation. Confusing Salsa and Flamenco is possible only when caught in a pre-Christmas crush in Northern Europe.

In fact, buying a copy of "Café Madrid, Matadors, Tapas, Sangria and Flamenco" has been the best mistake I've made in years. It has a cheerful burnt umber and light blue cover design. The selection of stamping, clapping and deliberate guitar playing is emphasised from time to time with some alarmingly passionate singing.

The perfect accompanyment to mulled wine.

Para mi, para ti!


Bronze leaves are a joy in the garden.

Happy Christmas

Seasonal Greetings to everybody who visits this site.

Many thanks for all the comments posted since Spring, 2006.

May you have every success and happiness in 2007.