17 July 2007

Celtic Gateway

On Friday, 13th April, 2007, we stayed
in Holyhead, Wales. The new bridge
was a great talking point when chatting
with people in the Tourist Centre.

This is an impressionistic photo of one
of the most user-friendly pedestrian bridges
in the UK.

16 July 2007

By The Royal Canal
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A friend sent this calm photo today.
A Summer scene along the Royal Canal
on the Dublin/Meath border.


Look and you shall find should be the motto for this week.
SEO is important, whether one blogs for love or money.

The Irish Webmaster Forum is one place to make contact
with inventive bloggers. Plenty of tips on how to
liven up the Blogosphere.

15 July 2007

The Elegant Day Lily


I have to admit that, despite its alarming
tendency to take off at a gallop in the past,
the Transliteration option in Blogger has
caught my attention.

Wondering vaguely who uses it,
and why?