1 July 2010

Dipping Into the Archives

Looking back on what I was doing three years ago, in Summer, passes the time and offers a lazy way of posting without having to think up new ideas.

I can now see that my pleasant obsession with public sculpture was giving plenty of range while walking round gardens in Dublin and York. There is so much to see in both cities and I have a particular fondness for 18th century art in all its forms.

Must make more efforts to get out and about in our fine public spaces and record the many statues there... ├ža y est.

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29 June 2010


Conversations are being threaded together from Twitter as I write. Twitoaster is a useful way of surfing gently, keeping out of the main swell of tweets that bear down on the unwary Twit every second of the day and night. Voile Blanche, West Cork

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28 June 2010

West Cork... Again...

We spent most of last week in West Cork.

In 1976, a scorching Summer, we cycled from Dublin to Galway, taking in most of the South of Ireland, notably Cork and Kerry. Glengarriff stole our hearts at the time and, since we were travelling with a baby and full camping gear, we stood on the shore in Glengarriff and just dreamed about spending a day on Garinish Island. The Bicycle Shop

This time our dreams were fulfilled. Photos will follow, once the domestic chores in and abandoned house have been completed.

Just as a reminder of the astonishing light in this part of the World, here's a photo taken not far from the main street in Glengarriff Village. Enjoy! Poulgorm, Glengarriff, West Cork