5 September 2009

Frozen Music

At a time when economists are talking, yet again, about belt tightening and pulling together (I imagine a frantic tug o' war between little people and an impregnable steel clad building), the discussion on public architecture trundles on.

Edward Hollis has entered the debate.


4 September 2009

Only in Ireland...

could the idea that not everything is black and white cause a wild rumpus.
Thanks to a discussion on duo and split toning in photography I have developed a very enjoyable fit of "fou rire".
If you have nothing better to do with your time, a quick rummage on the Net for
"duotone neo noir" may lead to an insight into the inner workings of life on this island that has yet to be documented by intellectuals and sages.

I hear that according to one wise academic it is now acknowledged that "The Irish" have retreated indoors away from the streets and have become domestic creatures who subject everything within sight to the barbie while planning whether or not robin's egg blue will stand the test of time as a wall colour.

I went out today.... but then, I've always rebelled against convention...

Remembering Malamud

The also serve who only stand and ...... read...

The reason I have read so many books in my life is based on waiting.

Ladies are expected to wait.

"Now you can sit here and wait... can I get you a cup of tea? ... a magazine?...

That's how I met Mr Malamud. The name seemed intriguing, exotic.
I bought his books, I found them in libraries and I brought him with me for months on end. His kind view of people living in an urban environment kept me in tune with Dublin in the 'eighties.

He was published by

Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Macmillan Press

Cone Duotone

1 September 2009

Putting Smacht on my Reading Lists

Books wander round our house at will, it seems. They pile up in corners, cackle to one another in the kitchen and distract us from mundane chores at every turn.

I joined Goodreads quite some time back and never really got going with it.
It's useful for finding the latest standout books, however and,if you are the chatty type, it has a lively community air.

The title bar has a link to usful sites for getting your library back in line.

Dewey would have been impressed...


It seems that the history of writing in Greek was a changeable feast.



Finally, my Goodreads house has been put in order.

It is not bursting with links and information, but the somewhat spartan neatness pleases me.

The site allows posters to share reviews of latest books and favourites from the past.

31 August 2009

Scary Days...

Easing myself back into communication mode again...

Yet another rainy Summer and at last a bit of excitement in the house.

Suffice to say that, thanks to a chance encounter on the internet, my iconography took a dippy, Poesque turn for a week or two.

Reading about Noir genre was interesting and brought memories of all the B&W films that flickered across the TV screen years ago.

"Noir" is back in fashion, it seems, but this time with a colourful twist.

Scary Days...