1 September 2009

Putting Smacht on my Reading Lists

Books wander round our house at will, it seems. They pile up in corners, cackle to one another in the kitchen and distract us from mundane chores at every turn.

I joined Goodreads quite some time back and never really got going with it.
It's useful for finding the latest standout books, however and,if you are the chatty type, it has a lively community air.

The title bar has a link to usful sites for getting your library back in line.

Dewey would have been impressed...


Blogger DaviMack said...

Books "migrate." It's part of their nature. They wander from one room to the next, collecting odd bookmarks, pencils, and packets of gum, only to leave everything else behind when they move on to somewhere else. They're rather like the ocean, in that respect: they leave behind all manner of detritus, when they recede, making you wonder Why On Earth there's a little pile of pencils in the corner of the room (right where the sun puddle was last week). :)

9/01/2009 9:43 pm  

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