31 January 2009

The Virtual God of the Gaps

There is suddenly a lot of fussing and fighting about
the interstitial url introduced by the Google Search Engine.

Every site now has a warning that it may damage my computer.
I simply copy and paste rather than hit live links and show as
much discernment as possible from the site names as to
whether they look scary or not.

Thanks to this new game, I had to remind myself what "interstitial"
means and found a very well written site on Science in Roman Times
along the way...

Magnetism in the Roman Era

I have given up wondering what all these changes in the system might mean.

Is bandwidth becoming a more limited resource again?
Are bored psychologists doing a "rat in maze"-type study
of internet usage?

No wonder so many of my peers approach computers as if they
actually do bite.

Garbling on a Saturday Morning

"Garble", c'├ętait moi!

Until my virtual friend Elimare, with the help of many
of her cyber associates, rescued me, I wandered, all keyed up on the Net.

My level of typing had not prepared me for Num Lock befuddlement.

Prt Scr is now a cherished pal, though Ins remains a mystery.

Let's say we're getting there, surely but slowly...

A year ago, the thought of linking a photo to text was the equivalent
of a personal Hadron experiment in the back yard.

At last, here we go...

(Several bewildered moments later...
That img src didn't live link, so like the CERN people, it's
back to the drawing board...)

Creative Home Maker

30 January 2009

What is the Oddest Question You Have Ever Been Asked Online?

If you have an answer to this one, please don't
post it here. Blog about it and perhaps take some time out to
think why it is that
human curiousity fuels the Internet in such a multi-faceted

The questions people ask reveals more about their personality
than it does about any objective search for facts.

I was once asked if I was a Spybot and the Turing Test was
bandied around frantically for a while, until the joke wore off.

I was very pleased to think that my typing and reflexes were
quick enough to give this illusion.

But then, as is so often with people chatting on the Net,
they were probably only being kind...

28 January 2009


For quite some time I wondered why people kept posting


on my Flickr photos.

It means "Happy Bokeh Wednesday!"

26 January 2009

The Color Purple

Still Waters Run Deep

Post in Haste, Repent at Leisure...

So taken up with making shiny new photos that
I have not been reading many blogs recently.

Now I see that a little rumpus which seemed to have
been fuelled by vats of Mulled Wine and Christmas Sherry
continues to linger round the net.

I have never been one for invective.
It's so demanding and often causes adrenelin rushes.

Now it seems that I'll have to review every blog I comment
on, in case rows break out.

In this case, threats of law suits have been wielded in the now very
blue air.

I'm beginning to panic...

What if everybody is actually cold sober and
simply just hopping mad?

(This is a "Thinking Aloud" post, BTW.
No defamation intended. That Anouilh character
really had a cheek to mention alcohol in the first place...)