25 November 2010

Things Are Looking Up

Since I cannot speak without sounding like Tom Waits, it is heartening to know that chatting online can keep one alive as well as keeping up to date.

Until moments ago, I had never heard of People Magazine.
Not only am I now up to speed, thanks to Seana Graham's informative posts, but I also know that Ryan Reynolds is sexy...

He is a Canadian actor and he is married to GQ's "Babe of the Year".

Much more of this and I'll be howling (Waits fashion)for a slot as a gossip columnist.
Life is so full of colourful detail...

The Indolence of Writers

I have often been impressed by the number of writers who started their trade thanks to illness. Being bed ridden gave Robert Louis Stevenson full rein to his imagination. Proust filled his tiny bedroom with fierce herbaceous fumes that left visitors gasping and which may or may not have helped his style. Agatha Christie disappeared for a while, only to be found living quietly in a hotel where she must have worked on some interesting plots and characters.

Unfortunately, very little has dawned on me in my isolation, except for a frantic desire to be up and about and WELL.

I should, at last knuckle down and write about all the beautiful sights I found in Tasmania almost two years ago. However, conserving energy has taken over...

In a June Meadow

Boy, Is Being Sick Boring, Or Not...

I begin to wonder what I used do in the past when compelled to stay indoors with a cold. Pre-blogging days, reading was the only distraction.

Now I can chat with new friends like music broadcasters and film makers, Tweet about favourite singers and generally keep spirits up.

No mean feat...

The TV and radio have been turned off. No point in encouraging a fever by watching people argue in circles about squaring circles and balancing budgets. In any case, I have a feeling that they are somewhat behind the times. I executed a "4 Year Plan" in the early 1990's. It involved spending two months going to the city dump and removing everything from the house that was even very slightly annoying. "At least you're still here", a friend remarked to my husband, full of admiration at such resilience. It will be interesting to see what happens next as Ireland trims down and measures up...

Now might be the moment to brush up my French.

"Quand Renault s'enrhume la France ├ęternue".


23 November 2010

Local Radio

Sometimes the best is found closest to home.

Thanks to Techfocus the Lounge and Twitter I'm now up to speed with DSFM 93.9fm. This radio station broadcasts from the Dundrum Shopping Centre and has a lively band of music experts who keep us entertained for hours.

Thank you...

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All in the Head

I have a whopping headcold.

A nice excuse to stay indoors listening to the radio.

France Inter is on a one-day strike, which means a nice change from all the chatter and having some really good music to listen to for a change.

The country is in uproar, laughing stocks being mentioned A LOT.

The added advantage of a cold is that one's life's experience shrinks to the next cup of green tea and whether or not one should meet friends at the weekend if one is contagious. Billions of Euro, Pound Sterling and Dollars may change hands without one giving what is pleasantly called "a tinker's curse".

You know things are getting really hairy when our local radio station wheels on Luke Kelly to declaim "For What Died the Sons of Roisin" and to sing of unhappy children. The Irish are a passionate and erratic people, if the official versions are to be believed,
but really a little goes a long way when a person has a cold...