22 April 2010

No Comment

I've put a few comments on congenial blogs today. Many of my Blogspot contacts have changed to Wordpress or other formats, so I'm too lazy to sign in there and keep commenting. Social media has advanced to using phones and Twitter for instant gratification so it is quite possible that "The Blog" as it thrived several years ago is not quite dead, but sleeping.

Trends are being scutinised with care and the legal consequences of bad behaviour on the Internet are being constantly tightened. Is the fun over?

If You Have It...

Flaunt It... The three billionth photo was uploaded on Flickr late in 2008. Not having looked for latest statistics, I imagine many billions have been added since. LiteFlick is a handy app for coralling work in neat mosaic form. After several years, it's heartening to find eight pages of work easily managed into a patchwork of colour. And, looking at the colour wheel, I'm reminded to work more yellows and sizzling colours into the pattern, in time. Photos on LiteFlickr

21 April 2010

Why... Oh, Why...

I find myself chatting with the radio... "Why did the airports remain closed for so long?", my radio asks... doubtless just to fill air space and not sound dumb. "I honestly don't know", I answer, busily trying to remember how to use FeedBurner and remembering the confusion that caused me to stop using it in the first place.

The first jet stream in days has just passed by my kitchen window. The seven day wonder seems to have ceased.

Cutbacks seem to continue apace on the net. Photos that once glowed brightly on are now simply cryptic links that will probably not be hit be anybody. Here, if you have nothing better to do, is how the page used look during more tigerish times... Photos on

20 April 2010

Seo and Authority

Getting used to Technorati took a lot of time and energy at first. It links to Flickr and the tagging system can be useful. Although I have not visited for a long time, authority seems to have increased there. It's all a bit mysterious, really...

19 April 2010

Don't Take it Personally ...

if I shout... Years ago I chatted on a site where one of the protagonists yelled merrily in capital letters. Somebody must have heard them because now offers a shouting app, with sizing from "moderate" to "RARRR!". oh dear, oh dear, oh dear