28 March 2008

I'm Worn Out Raking

Gardening has taken over, so blog posts will be short, sweet and
to the point.

Damien Mulley has written a feast of tips for Bloggers today.
Go there. Read. Enjoy. Learn.

First I've ever heard of a Blog Storm.

Sounds horrible.

But for mine own part...

Thanks to Davimack I now understand the comment system much better.
Ownership in the Net is becoming a much more important issue than when
we started out. I will be much more careful about posting comments to
Wordpress blogs from now on. The thought that my comment may be edited,
and, by extension, changed beyond recognition, is important.

We must continue to keep our ears to the ground.

26 March 2008

25 March 2008

Sometimes I Wish I Was Less Curious...

Damien Mulley has been very kind in developing a theme on his blog,
in response to a post I made in response to a criticism he made.

I had asked, in a sort of disingenuous, fey manner:
"What is the matter with Blgospot?"

The answer has been posted.

Hit the title bar here, if you dare.

Rousing stuff...

The Blogspot V Wordpress debate is one I have not taken
to heart.

I now use both.

Irish Culture Links

Culture Vultures will find some good links in the
Stumbleupon system.

Hit the Title Bar. Sit back and enjoy.

24 March 2008


23 March 2008

Irish Blog Links and Searches