12 October 2013


As usual, I could do with a sub editor who would check over copy before I hit the publish button. I was so long away from blogging I had forgotten the br code that allows for paragraph formation which led to a long ramble on "The Widgeting Hour", now corrected.

Worse, a comment left on "Detectives Beyond Borders" has a mistake which is uncorrectable without going back again to apologise and explain. Frankly, I'm past caring as typos are useful in their own way and could offer some teacher somewhere the opportunity to ask students what the problem might be.

Blogging is not what it used to be. I don't feel any sense of making something new or important. Why even bother to mention that we went today to a plant sale where we chatted with other gardeners and came away with a few treasures that will fill the blank spots both out of doors and in the conservatory? I've just taken to uploading interesting links on Twitter, short, efficient with next to no possibility of wittering on and making typos.

So why blog?

It remains to be seen if this format is seriously out of date...

6 October 2013

Nothing to See Here?

It has been over a year since I felt like posting here.
Blogging had somehow run its course and the time since has been spent uploading photos to my Rosewoodoil account on Flickr. Somehow, laziness took over and there was a a sense of repeating what was already available, without need to add text or to think much about the images I was choosing to share.

However, it's nice to be back, even if it may mean chatting to myself for a while until I get back into the swing of blog keeping. I had no need to learn any new computing skills since the Summer of 2012 and sometimes it's pleasant to stay with the tried and tested.

Perhaps this all offers evidence of having found a comfort zone which should remain unchanged for some time to come?