4 October 2007


Penned animals adopt a whimsical pose,
keeping a laconic eye on passers-by.

This is a very saturated version of a
quiet, pleasant photo snapped at
The National Ploughing Championships
in the Irish Midlands last Wednesday.

This was our first visit and we're got
great mileage out of going there.

3 October 2007

Fields in Ireland are much larger than
when I was a child. Hedges have been
removed to allow for crops to be harvested
with ease.

This was a very large field, as we
found when we walked along it.

Unusual Twist When Uploading a Photo

An attempt to upload a photo to Photographe à Dublin
took an unusual turn just now. The photo appeared
on the upload page, as expected, but without the
"Done" button. Since all the information was in place
and right clicking "Properties" on the image
gave the correct link
to where it was being stored by Blogger
it seemed unnecessary to upload a second time.

I simply copy and pasted the link into the
box on the right just under the message
"Add Another Image".

It worked like a dream

Where did the "Done" link get lost?
Probably I'll never know.

1 October 2007

Jazz up MyBlogLog with the Yahoo Connection

You can now merge your MyBlogLog account with Yahoo
and use the Yahoo system to sign in.

Suddenly it's all faster, neater, easy to use.

Once a Hack, Always a Hack

The Facebook NUJ membership runs to thousands.
Freelance journalism has been the salvation
of numerous literary hopefuls for several
centuries now and I'm no exception.

Some photos uploaded to the Irish Branch
can be viewed through the link in the bar.

You have to be a Facebook member,
but the photos are for public viewing,
once you sign in.