5 January 2007


Taking a closer look at the histogram led to highlighting this bracket fungus in blue tones.

4 January 2007


Getting engines moving on a January morning in the Northern Hemisphere takes a bit of time and energy. Today's surfing the net shall be on the theme of "objective reporting". Personally, I have never been taken in by the possibility of being fully objective when looking at the World around us.

Platonists and Aristotelians have going been at this subject, hammer and tongs, for centuries. Perhaps the sparks they generate are the closest we can get to illumination?

(Thanks, ComedyLinks, for the post to the Image Generator slot. Your Comment is very helpful.)

3 January 2007

I have to hand it to Jen Harvey and Phil

Some of the best experiences when looking for good ideas for photos have come from looking at these blog posters.

Thank you.

Se tutoyer... οr not, as the case may be

A year of crossculturalism has left its mark. French visitors have been faithful commentators to this blog, so the protocol of whether to use "vous" or "tu" is to be examined carefully.

The Italian input has been really helpful. A proverb a day in Italian shall be this year's linguistic exercise.

Chi va piano va sano e va lontano.

As for Anonymous, who knows what language you normally speak.

1 January 2007

Image Generator is a canny machine. It allows for instant caption composition.

A New Year Greeting is at:

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