17 February 2012

The Pleasure of Geometry

Well planned cities and towns are a joy to photograph.

Melbourne is exceptional, to my eye at least.

A Street Corner in Melbourne

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Winter Landscapes

Although there is a strangely early bud burst in some secluded gardens, the wintery look continues to make the countryside look stark. Bare Trees

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15 February 2012

It Does Make One Think

The imperative to make objects and artifacts is one of the most unusual aspects of human life. Statues in Rome

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City Life

I would find it impossible to live out in the country. Davimack's comment on a post today set me thinking about all the advantages of being in an urban setting. Even if many films are not to my taste, we had the great pleasure of seeing the remake of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" last year.

By chance, a person sitting near us took time to give a swift listing of the music used in the score which added much pleasure to the outing. ""

Shop Window in Winter

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Ploughing One's Own Furrow

People used often speak in metaphor or use euphimism. These days acronyms rule. Photos bypass all this and can mean anything anybody wishes... An English Field

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February At Last

Having decided to part company with society as interpreted by the official media, the world seems a much happier and more plausible place.
The centre of Athens burning the other night was probably to be expected, as traditions of destructive behaviour are embedded in European life. The French ability to go on strike every time a little contretemps flutters is entertaining, from a safe distance, of course.

Official moaning continues, while real life goes on with the usual ups and downs. We have been spared the grotesque snow that made life so unpleasant here for two Winters running and it is pleasant not to be obliged to travel to a warmer place. We even managed some walks out of doors, despite the fact that staying indoors is more attractive.

At last, a good film camera has helped me to improve skills. Even though digital images are cheap and quick to produce, it is unlikely that the new technologies will achieve the detail and subtlety that film gives for some time to come.

I continue to read about contemporary fiction, without finding much to cheer the spirit there. One book bought as a gift for a friend turned out to be so grim and miserable that I could not give it to them.

It now turns out that I can judge which films will receive the most awards by how boring I find them. The only way I could escape the enervating experience of "The Artist" was to fall asleep in the cinema, as it was not possible to leave. Perhaps in time the arts will reconnect with the world that ordinary people inhabit.
However, I shan't be holding my breath...

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Clear Print

Some people enjoy reading inscriptions on ancient stones.

Photography can help by making script more legible. Verona Archaeological Museum

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Dramatic Buildings

The Pantheon in Rome was impressive, but uncomfortable. It's a building that is on the "must see" list and it was worth visiting for the interesting oculus, high up in the ceiling. The Pantheon, Rome

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