14 July 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing

I'm aware that anybody who read my last post while living in a drought region might feel I was not counting my blessings.

A holiday in France, during which the nation declared a state of National Emergency due to canicular weather has ensured I don't head southwards in Summer either.

Water has taken on almost talismatic properties in the World media. Having seen fields of corn burned crisp dry on the Continent and apple orchards dropping their fruit to rot while the owners holidayed on the coast, I do end up wondering a bit about the husbandry skills that will have to be re-learned if we are to continue to earn the title of "sapiens".

Indoors in July

I've given up on the Irish climate. For years I cycled into gale force winds, wearing Danish rain gear that, given its impermability, has so far prevented me from visiting Denmark. Do I want to find another climate that calls for such extreme fabric? Definitely not.

All the mumbo-jumbo related to Saint Swithin gets trotted out every year.
At least the apple trees are happy, as the fruit is swelling nicely.
Otherwise, humans and insects have taken cover and are likely to be offering up orisons to the patron of drowned ducks.

Woodland Brown on Nettle Leaf, Colour

13 July 2009

Having a domestic moment...

Narcissus and Teapot

12 July 2009

Bottlebrush Tweets

Gradually making sense of all the Twittering...

Bottlebrush Season in Dublin, Ireland. 8 July 2009 on Twitpic

Clusters and SEO

If you ever take time to look at the "Similar" link in any Google search, apart from finding interesing reading you will discover what is being clustered with your work.