31 March 2007

It's only Grande

This is Lucida Grande font. A change is as good as a rest, as our ancestors used say.

The weekend weather in Dublin is bright, cheerful and full of promise. It's time to get out of doors.

30 March 2007

For Recreational Purposes

This blogging business is a hobby in my case.

However if business needs should arise,
it's worth thinking about the realities
of web traffic and how to attract interesting

There are many professionals thinking about these problems
and sharing insights on the web.

"At Home"

The lack of commentators here has had a
second beneficial effect. I now have
time, energy and enough enterprise to
trot around the Net leaving comments,
when appropriate.

This was one of the places I found
where the webmaster was "At Home".
The Victorians had a good system,
which could be re-established in
the contemporary virtual World.

Spring is Certainly in the Air. The Commentators are out in Force.

People have stopped leaving comments on my blogs.
Rather than heading off into some dark, dank
Slough of Despond, I've set off to see what other
bloggers have to say about comment protocol.

A lot, it seems. There is constant debate on
how to repond to comments left on blogs, when to
engage with the commentator, when to leave things
A lot to think about, while I look at this
quiet, peaceful, comment-free space.

29 March 2007

Spring Sprung

Very Tiring Process


Wordpress Plugins

A friendly blogger suggested I try Wordpress.
That experiment will have to wait, as I continue
to learn more about Blogger.

However, for Wordpress users, the link in the
Title Bar here might be of use.

28 March 2007

Remembering the Irish Blog Awards

The Irish Blog Awards are now tucked away as
a pleasant memory, to be revived again next year.

The effects of being nominated have been
considerable. Before the nomination, my
Technorati ranking for Photographe à Dublin
was almost two million. Now that blog has
been ranked in at about 500,000th.

Just goes to show,

27 March 2007


Today my blogger uploader behaved a bit strangely.

Several attempts to upload a simple photo failed.
Then, without any indication of why this might be so,
it worked perfectly.

It's worth studying the idiosyncracies
exhibited by various browsers when uploading.

Editing the Blogger Template is tempting,
and gives some interesting effects.


Have decided to learn more about
Hindi script.

Shall document experiences over time.

The problem about trying something new is that,
when a glitch appears in the blogging system,
one wonders if the new toolbar or link or language system
has contributed to overload.

If there is anybody who would like to share tips
on using the Hindi feature, I would be really
pleased with feedback.


Blogflux has removed me from their index.

Embedded code has finally got the
better of me.

How to know HTML without tears?

Today my old computer, running Windows 98,
decided to throw a tantrum and not allow

Off to sweep up leaves in the garden.

The machines can sit and sulk alone...

26 March 2007

Blogging, The Whys, Wherefores and Whatnots...

Since finding that Google allows verification of blog sites,
the scientific nature of Web exposure is becoming more
interesting. If a search engine cannot index a site,
it may as well not exist.

Bloggers are looking at how to enhance site ranking,
make pages more dramatic, get readership in new locations.

The debate should continue for some time.

25 March 2007

A New Fun Link

Searching in this site leads to some
great graphics.