10 January 2012

An Act of Desperation?

Why other people make life choices that seem foolish to me is not usually of much interest.
It's a free world, from the point of view of getting up to face the day is usually concerned. However, having learned that one regular on Blogspot is heading off in to a yet unpredictable blogging sunset, I actually bothered to call by to offer the ongoing benefits of staying put here, or at least of continuing to copy and paste work as he goes along.

Since I do not own copyright to the product of years of hard labour at the "official" hack's coalface, keeping copyright intact is now important.

It would be too boring for words to explain why, but the story of how Mary Shelley came to own rights to works that her feckless male friends had not the wit to protect might be of use here.

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Post Christmas Blues...

The decorations are down, the seed trays ready for off and the house seems to be breathing out a sigh of satisfaction after a job well done.

I love Christmas, but that is because I don't perform all the mandatory rituals that used be expected like eating trifle and watching television until one became blue in the face.
Some people feel unhappy after all the celebrations and work kicks in again. Housewives, if they have any sense, don't feel let down. As members of the voluntary workforce they can choose when and how to get on with chores, (or not do them if they are not in the mood), put life before the curse of seeming to reach their potential or achieve targets and generally enjoy themselves.

If people think that housewives are stupid or unable to get a "proper" job, this is one way of working out if these critics would make boring company (the usually do), are misogynistic or workaholic or just plain silly.

There is a grotesque proposition that people on this island should be frog-marched to "work". This is such an 19th century way of thinking. Bill Nighy was on radio recently explaining about how auditions kill the spirit. "They sense the desperation", he said (or something like that).
Housewives... or for the more PC mind, "domestic engineers" hope never to have to meet "them".

And if there's any tint of blue here today it's because it's difficult to type while wearing gloves...
A Swan

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Mr Holmes To You, Sir?

The fact that televsion is "democratic" seems to account for the fact that it is so repetitive and predictable, I think. I don't know if you have seen the interview that Dennis Potter did with Melvyn Bragg but I'm sure it's somewhere on the Internet.


The disappointment Potter felt with the failures of such a marvelous media was very sad and made me realise at the time that I would never feel tempted try to get involved with the Machievellian powers that run the show.

There is an illusion of democracy because shows with casts of thousands, peak audiences and vast expense is involved.

If the recession continues, my next cutback will be to get rid of TV.
The only value it has here is that I get to see films without the invonvenience of going to the cinema.

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8 January 2012

A Good Question...

was asked recently in the photography forum.
One's favourite photo from the past year to be shared...
This is not a partiular favourite but it is one of the most accomplished. I know this is so because all the help the photographers there gave me was such a great help.

Why is works technically would take far too long to write down, however. Olive Trees at Lake Garda

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