23 October 2010


Having nothing much to think about at the moment, I set to thinking about the past.
The 1980's will, thankfully, never return, but the skills I learned while keeping afloat through that badly managed decade have been very useful recently.

Mostly I learned what to avoid. The vengeful nature of much journalism today is beginning to frighten people who have confused it with reality. When I worked as a hack in the past, we kept ourselves going with dinner parties and trips to the parks in Summer to see outdoor productions of Shakespeare. Since there was a war raging, it was an exhausting time and great efforts were made to write in a positive vein. The astonishing competitiveness which makes contemporary television programmes unwatchable in my case would have brought us even further down, financially and emotionally, than was already the case.
The streets today are still full of ordinary people getting on with their everyday lives. In a June Meadow
It's quite pleasant, in fact.


To Understand is to Forgive?


It has been a strange year insofar as I am now an alien, it seems.
In fact, I'm in good company, as one of my uncles by marriage spent most of his adult life as a stateless alien and I am of a lesser sort... just non-resident.

It's a long story and now I'm left wondering about the wisdom of continuing to use Flickr, as it is regulated by US law.

However, just to keep within the spirit of my new status, here is one of my suitably alien flowers... Magnolia Flower Monochrome

20 October 2010

Please do not take offense...

... if I block you on Twitter or on any other site.

...if I have removed your link from my blog.

...if I do not upload a comment that seems to be advertising some product rather than joining in a discussion...

Recently some blogs have begun to look a bit cluttered and commercial.
Mine began to bristle with too much information so minimalism is in order.
Even Flickr had become a bit of a chore so from now on a policy of "less is more" will be applied.
Today is being referred to as "Axe Wednesday" in Britain.
I may as well go with the spirit of our times...

Back to School...

It has taken forever to get to write here again.
Photos are more immediate, colourful and engaging, I find, and trying out some new digital tricks has passed many a merry moment for the past two months. Also, being out of doors in gardens and on our lively streets is a perfect anecdote to all the bizarre news reports that pass for reality these days.

During the 1980's we spent most of our time in public parks, having little picnics in Winter and weathering the nonsense that improvident adults imposed in the form of large tax bills and small earnings.

Reality check?
Just get out and enjoy the air.

And in case this photo may seem to be a gloomy metaphor for the current state of the building trade, it is worth saying that the buildings here are now completed and sparkle invitingly in the sunshine.

Things are sure to pick up... Art of Construction