16 March 2007

The Kitchen Garden.

14 March 2007

Live Links Live

Live links are increasingly addictive.
They help to keep everything in order.

I have always disliked filing systems,
considering that they are artificial and
arbitrary. Now I find I could happily devise
filing tags for any number of links in my personal
interest system.

Here is a series of gardening links in
Blogflux. It is constantly updating

Blogflux has an interesting feature.
It seeks out blogs that have material in
common with one's own and lists them.

Computing is full of surprises.

Picasa was used to add
soft focus to this image.

This was taken at
Cranbourne Gardens,
near Melbourne.

12 March 2007


11 March 2007

├ža frappe...

Frappr Maps are livly and help to keep bloggers in contact.

I opted for the smaller map, as it was less
visually active. The larger one is useful
for a blogger who would like to give a
lively impression.

Now to set to to see how it all works...

Map of the Blogging World