5 April 2012

Singapore Botanic Gardens

The torrential rain in the Tropics makes Singapore a green haven with fabulous plants and trees everywhere. We spent as much time as possible exploring the Botanic Gardens there last year and at last I uploaded six photos to Flickr today.

This magical grass is a favourite, mesmerising and a reminder of a warm day out of doors.

Singapore Botanic Gardens, 2

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2 April 2012

Beautiful Venice

I'm always delighted when I hear that friends are about to visit Venice.

Just one trip there last year was enough to wish I could return again soon. However, rummaging in the special deals for places to stay reminds me of how travel is increasingly expensive and the thought of just staying home is quite attractive too.

Working on last year's photos is a pleasant form of virtual travel... Venice Framed

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1 April 2012

The Countryside

Irish mountains are not large and imposing but they are very beautiful in the soft light that falls on them. An Irish Mountain

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