29 July 2010

Word Salad

28 July 2010


... or how, the longer you live, the less you are surprised... In reply to the fore-going chat on Detectives Beyond Borders , I cobbled together some thoughts that place the early 1960's neatly where they belong... in the far distant past...

.... Excerpts are available in Google books, so I've read a few pages.

I have not really thought about the problems faced by a writer of "faction".

The question of libel is never far from writers' minds, and since John Lawton was a journalist he will know how to cover tracks, I suppose.

I was a great fan of Jean Plaidy's work at one time and thought she got to grips with her characters, large and small, with skill.

Keep in mind that Chrisine Keeler was a teenager in 1961 and would have spent much time with her women friends, as everybody does at that age.

The circles they moved in sound quite dangerous and solidarity would ensure survival.

What surprised me most was the age gap between the men and the women in the saga...

26 July 2010


I have been scrubbing a wall.

It is a damp wall.

It gives me time to think and ponder.

There's not much else to do on an overcast, muggy day in Dublin.   I find that wondering about Nick Clegg passes the time nicely.   What, in the name of all that is beautiful, makes a government decide that the institutions are simply "not fit for purpose" and send everybody back home to fend for themselves.

The Big Society?

It seems to be shrinking by the minute and it may be about time that the ladies took the lead?


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