29 May 2012

My Floral World

Cherry Blossom, Cropped

Film rather than Digital

May is a wonderful month in the garden.   Despite the clouds drawing in after days of sizzling sunshine, there is a sparkle to the day as I look back on years of photographing flowers, trees and gardens.

After a short dalliance with a Canon Eos RT film camera (I returned it to the shop and traded it in for a Pentax Mz_7) I'm yet again on the lookout for a simple-to-use old Canon.

However, Pentax continues to steal my heart.   There is something more magical about the photos taken with my two MZ models.   The MZ-50 is generally regarded as a beginner's camera, but since it is so quick and simple to use, I'm not complaining

 Bluebell Bokeh

28 May 2012


We have just spent two days in Trinity College learning about the influence of French gardens and the Baroque. The conference, Images of the Garden: The French Garden as Cultural Palimpsest, brought experts from Britain, the Continent and the US and the lectures were inspirational in the extreme.

Such heady days have taken their toll and much sleep has been needed in order to process all the new information. I spent many happy hours sorting through photos and making up a little album to remind us of such a lively event.

Georgian Ireland and the Baroque


 Trinity College, Unsharp Mask 1 in Irfanview