29 May 2012

My Floral World

Cherry Blossom, Cropped

Film rather than Digital

May is a wonderful month in the garden.   Despite the clouds drawing in after days of sizzling sunshine, there is a sparkle to the day as I look back on years of photographing flowers, trees and gardens.

After a short dalliance with a Canon Eos RT film camera (I returned it to the shop and traded it in for a Pentax Mz_7) I'm yet again on the lookout for a simple-to-use old Canon.

However, Pentax continues to steal my heart.   There is something more magical about the photos taken with my two MZ models.   The MZ-50 is generally regarded as a beginner's camera, but since it is so quick and simple to use, I'm not complaining

 Bluebell Bokeh


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