27 March 2012

Photography Links

Readers who come across this blog by chance may not know that I also have a photography blog called "Short Sights at Noon".   There is a link further down the page here directly to some past posts there.

I continue to send little pieces round to friends and now that seems to be back on an even keel, I'm happily posting some comments there as well.

Blogging continues to bemuse many of the over-fifties, but gradually the value of combining snappy pieces of writing with a photo is gaining popularity with my friends.   It would be excellent if they took to blog writing as well as it's such a painless way of keeping in contact with those living far away.

Fountain Fantasy at the Villa d'Este
Not travelling abroad this year has turned out to have many benefits, notably the time available to organise photo archives and think about projects for Summer.   I continue to wish I could visit Italy more often, it is such a beautiful place.

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