28 September 2011

Rev the Motors, It's Back to School Time

Old habits...
I still approach Autumn with a sense of excitement as I sharpen my virtual pencils and lay out a simple curriculum for the year to come. Since I left college almost forty years ago, it still amuses me to find that I instinctively line up books as if they were to be analysed for essay writing, or ... worse ... for discussion in seminars where everybody got a bit hot and bothered about meaning, syntax and their place within the literary canon.

Anyways, I have been told that a copy of "Down These Green Streets", orchestrated by the top crime and noir writers of my generation, awaits in the local library.

At last... a tome I can get my teeth into...
Or, for the purists... into which I can get my teeth. In the Chapel, Gougain Barra

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