10 November 2006

The Secret Sharer

There's no getting away from it. It's impossible to be truly individual on the Web. There was another ModernTwister here before. The previous poster had a great site all about needlecraft and yarns.

Metaphors for blogging? It's a bit like a Relay Race.

The Ghost in the Machine

For several days photos have been evaporating from my site. Cannot tell why and the only solution seems to keep uploading until something sticks. Perhaps looking at aesthetics might help, as it's possible that some of the colour combinations are not pleasing to the refined artificial eye.

Have finally got the machine to accept Greenwich Mean Time. For weeks it has been recorded that I'm an insomniac who posts in the early dawn. Not so...

9 November 2006

I Like Lilies

You learn something new every day. Today I discovered that the orange lily has negative symbolic connotations.

That is a pity and I wonder why people would choose to associate such a lovely flower with unpleasantness.

7 November 2006

You'll Never Talk Alone

There are over 50 Million Bloggers chattering to themselves on the Internet.