19 March 2011

Back to Base

Cloud over Mount Beauty, Victoria It's a joy to be back in my own bed.
Despite all the excitement and exposure to new people and places, I find travel quite demanding. It's not as dramatic these days as when I used wander round France, even hitching on a motorway once, which is against the law. I must have an over easy-going face. The family relation who, so much in a hurry that he could not take time to leave me in a safer place, was seemingly alcoholic. However, even that does not, in retrospect, seem an excuse for putting anybody out on the side of such a busy road.

All water under the bridge now... The air-bus system from Melbourne to Singapore and then, two days later, from Singapore to Heathrow, was actually comfortable. Sleep is essential on a thirteen hour flight and we managed to get in six or seven hours, though sometimes it is difficult to work out if one is actually asleep.

We made new friends in Ballarat, looked down on a clouded landscape above Bright, trawled the Melbourne streets for more local colour and urban images.

This photo, taken on Sentosa Island during the Chinese New Year is a favourite.
Happy memories...

Sentosa Portrait

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