19 September 2008

A Spammer in the Works

A post I made this morning had two links to
a photo blog I keep.

Unfortuately, the repetition of this link
looks as if I had been trying to spam the blog.

It was a mistake, as I forgot to delete
the link I had pasted in place in order
to have it to hand.


The Wit of the Irish and Nailing My Colours to the Mast

Tomorrow this Blog will be online for two years.

It has been a steep learning curve, especially when I
look at how little I knew when setting out.

Many thanks to everybody who has taken time to post here
and to the helpful Chat Room Wits who tried to keep
me on an even keel.

Touching Me, Touching You

A "Reach Out" programme has been initiated here.
I've started leaving comments on other Blogspot Blogs.

Hit the title bar for a link to some of the best...

18 September 2008

Kiwis ARE the Only Fruit

More posting than chatting again on the circuit,
I've just got back in touch with Kiwirant.

I continue to sing the praises of this doughty band
of Kiwis who are the most helpful, witty and gregarious
group I have met (alongside Techfocus the Lounge and P45 Rant, of course).

The rows in some places have stopped play, I think.

Why some posters, suffering from an interesting form of
counter-counter-counter-transference continue to
wash their dirty linen in public is a source of
continuing puzzlement here.

Have they no hobbies?

16 September 2008

Memories of Country Life

Turquoise in Symbolism, Science and Art

While making photos using
Turquoise or Teal
is a pleasure,
nothing beats the real thing.

A Colourful Life

If you're at a loose end
some of the photos linked to the Flickr
system might pass the time.

Turquoise is a shade beloved of many

Are Chat Rooms a Thing of the Past?

After a Summer that has made me understand, for the first time,
the people who join enclosed monasteries and take a lifelong
vow of silence, I don't much feel like chatting on the Net.

Perhaps the inner silence of the photographic image has entered
into my soul? Charles Lamb's relationship with his wooden desk
comes to mind.

Considering the rows that have taken over in some chat rooms in the past,
perhaps we have all reached a Zen-like distance and have wandered off
"elsewhere" to consider the virtual lilies of the field.

Or could it be that, finally, the water (that has temporarily stopped falling from a leaden sky) has affected the collective synaptic system?

Even gender issues (hotly debated in the link in the title bar here)
seem dull when the possibility of going on holiday and not being able
to return is being presented daily on the mainstream news.

I sit here, contentedly working on photos from
the National Ploughing Championships of 2007.
Long may this gentle state of mind last...

15 September 2008

14 September 2008

Voyage Into the Unknown

Well, let's put it this way, having read about all the confusion
caused by missed bits in computer programming I'll be staying
with the more secure areas of photography for some time to come.
My ethical problems in relation to this new technology are almost
on the verge of being simple-minded.
Living in a small city, I tend to have great qualms about uploading
photos of people on the street, in case they may not like it.

These are paltry concerns when compared to the life and death
realities that many computer professionals face daily.

"Computer Ethics and Professional Responsibility"

presents the alarming proposition that cause and effect
are no longer predictable, once computers are involved.

Far from causing fear, this idea has opened up a vast
area of curiosity which should keep my Winter reading very
lively indeed.

But the prospect of writing code takes on a
link to social responsibility that may
prove a burden?

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Autumn Begins in Dublin

Web 2.0 is Here to Stay

It seems that the Internet will soon outstrip the World's mainstream media in productivity and, in some cases, quality.

The article linking to the Title Bar here gives an insight into the history
of how it all started.

Nay-sayers who find much to criticise in the output from the Net forget that
it offers an opportunity to those who would never consider journalism or
the formal professional art world as a forum for their work.

If you think that the machine is taking over
the option to make personalised widgets is always there.

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