7 January 2011


The other day we ventured out in a chill gale to document our lively city for posterity... yet again.

The snow meant limited trips to the shops and now I have lost all taste for commerce.
There was a sort of enforced siege mentality for several days after Christmas. Water dribbled from cold taps, thankfully only for twelve hours at a stretch during the night. I wondered if the central heating would blow up...
It didn't...

Conversations with (yet more) "Angry People" led to insight.
"Have you tried laughing?", I asked.
"Apparently it raises the natural lsd levels in the brain and gives a delusional sense of wellbeing."

Here's, in any case, to another jolly year at the computing coalface.
Today I revamped my Crimespace page, taking almost an hour to remove a Christmas Greeting from the side image system.
Here's to success in 2011 and to a hope that Davimack's heating and water systems will start to behave...

Contemporary Dublin

5 January 2011

Twelfth Night

We Three Kings...